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Killihaul #1

Pictures by Obedphotography Anyone else crazy about beautiful retro doors as much as I am? Well you could recommend a few and I promise we shall be friends for all times. TwitterGoogle+0LinkedinPinterest0Tumblr0Facebook0

My style

Style chat!

Pictures by jonathanokellophotography I haven’t spoken style for a while so let’s just talk style. Have you guys ever felt that you cannot define your style? I’m trying to find the words to define my style and I simply can’t. I feel I’m at that point where I’m excited about trying […]

My style

High Lows.

Pictures by obedphotography.com For someone who likes trying out new pieces, especially customized ones, I must admit that Nairobi has very good tailors, ‘fundis’, or should I say designers. Only that at times this tailors can get you going kookoo. Reason why I’m highly considering buying a sewing machine and just […]