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Another day in shorts.

Pictures by Obedphotography.  Happy new month  style lovers :-* I thrift most of my shorts and so it was quite easy to find this ones. I wanted something that would complete a certain top that I had gotten online. Yes those thrift pages on IG. You guys would get to […]

My style

Currently Craving Nudes.

Pictures by Obedphotography. Hey loves. First thing first, allow me to say many many thanks for your response on the last post. I’m so excited that just sharing what I go through will speak to you guys. So many thanks for the emails and as requested, I’ll try as much […]

My style

Flirtatious Emerald & Crop.

     My color obsession kicked in a few month ago and  I can’t seem to leave anything that screams rich color alone but can you blame me? They are just the best outfits ever  and they make your moments automatically brighter and beautiful. I don’t think this obsession will […]

My style


Most of us, if not all, associate pencil skirts with the corporate/work environment. Actually, I do too. Lately, if you have been reading my posts, I’ve been focusing more on the art of comfort ability. On this third episode of the pencil skirt, I feature a simple loose top (hard […]

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Just dress up!

Most, if not all, of the time my outfits don’t have a story to them. It’s always as simple as ‘I think this will go well with this so let me try it on, stand in front of a mirror and hope that I don’t look like a clown’. This […]

My style

Effortlessly Casual

Hallo Loves, If there is something I can never get enough of  is Maxis. I especially love this one and the attitude it brings with it; sexy, mysterious, powerful and ready to just take anything on the world. not forgetting the effortless chic aspect to it. Lately, I have been […]