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Pictures by Obedphotography Happy new week ladies and gents, hoping you guys had an amazing weekend. The last week of May and each day I’m reminded that, ‘As I walk with Jesus, resting my head on His heart, I learn to know His Word, His will, and His ways. I […]

My style

Old trend, New trend.

Pictures by Obedphotography I was going through my wardrobe the other day and shocking enough , I had like two pairs of what I would refer as jeans, a couple of tights which are my to go to when travelling and then skirts and dresses just took over. TwitterGoogle+0LinkedinPinterest0Tumblr0Facebook0

My style

The Boho look

Pictures by Obedphotography As you guys may have noticed, I have grown to love colorful outfits, especially dresses. And when they come in maxis, the better. I am and always have been a huge fun of boho looks and maxis relate quite well when it comes to achieving the look […]

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Beauty Inside.

Pictures by Obedphotography So one of the things I have set out to do this year, is to focus and work more on my Inner beauty which is one subject that rarely gets talked about. As they say, you can wear the most expensive clothes, make and be the prettiest but […]

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Nude state of mind.

Pictures by Obedphotography Haaaaaaallo  and happy new month lovelies. Feels like its been a while. I remember during my last blog post  on social media, I kept on talking about saying bye to October when we were actually in mid-month. Well to give you an explanation I was quite certain that I […]

My style

High Lows.

Pictures by obedphotography.com For someone who likes trying out new pieces, especially customized ones, I must admit that Nairobi has very good tailors, ‘fundis’, or should I say designers. Only that at times this tailors can get you going kookoo. Reason why I’m highly considering buying a sewing machine and just […]