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Pictures: Call me Maina 

Venue : Village Market.


‘’In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.’’  Abraham Lincoln.

I have been living with this words for the better part of this year. The past few months have been one hell of a ride. I have had the best and happiest days and some the saddest days yet.

But through this walk, I have learnt to be more grateful and appreciate the moments, time that we have with the people we cherish. I must admit that my perspective has changed a lot and my faith made strong but most of all I’m on a new journey that doesn’t seek to just live but impact and love.

I recently saw this on a friend’s timeline and it surely just spoke what I was thinking and have been thinking, “One great lesson I learn from sun up and sundown is: make your arrival beautiful and your departure even more beautiful.”  Antony Ndung’u.

Today’s Outfit is more of what my heart has been leaning to. I have revamped my love for nudes, at the same time I’m loving splashes of color not only in my wardrobe but also in my life.

I have a serious attachments when it comes to my clothes and shoes but I’m trying to learn to let go and do a wardrobe makeover and get new stuff in the coming months. Will keep you guys posted on that.

Many many thanks for taking your time to DM and welcome me back, it sure feels good knowing that I was missed in this space here.


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  1. Mbaire Wangui

    This is really beautiful.. Love it

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