#BYE2017!, #HALLO2018!

#BYE2017!, #HALLO2018!

Pictures by Juma (ofrandomfaces).

Happy 2018 loves :-).

Isn’t it amazing that God’s grace has kept and allowed us to see this year? I’m really grateful and happy and wish every one of you a super blessed year, May all the desires of your heart be fulfilled. Amen.

Many many thanks for your support and just taking time to read, like, love, comment. It goes a long way :-).

Now, I rarely do the New Year resolutions, so this post has nothing to do with that. But I try to list a few goals which most of the time I fail miserably half way through the year, the best part about failing is that you learn to better yourself. Plus it has taught me to be more trusting in God, believing in the process and learning to live one day at a time.

With this year having so many promises to be fulfilled and having a lot to do in the coming months, I won’t be making any promises on the number of posts I will do but I can assure you guys I will try to do as many as I can :-).

So stay safe, enjoy life and let’s get social ;-).

Pants- stars _joaillere (IG) |TOP – Scarf worn as a top.






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