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Pictures by Juma (ofrandomfaces).

Hello everyone.

Is it me, or culottes are back in the game? Either way ,I’m loving it.  They are such a wardrobe staple  especially for work and serve as a classy vintage casual look.

If you read my blog, then you definitely know that I hate to suit up at work and such looks are my favorite when it comes to the office. I love that it paired so well with the ruffle top which is almost being faced out in terms of trends but we can be sure that we will have more of it this year too.

Pants- Toi|Top – La Belle | Bag – forever trendy (IG).




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  1. Love this look! Especially that bag. You nailed it.

  2. I love this Look Elle, and yes culottes dont run out of style..

  3. I absolutely love this,,Such a killer look

  4. Yes yes, culottes are so back. I love this look and your pictures, wow. They look so great.Photographer is really such a pro.

  5. Mbaire Wangui

    this is actually my ultimate look… love it!

  6. wambui wambui

    Very nice Elle loving the whole look!!

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