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Hey loved ones. My apologies for going MIA. I really have no particular reason as to why I was MIA and I’ll just leave it at life happens.

Lately I have just allowed it to happen and at times I get overwhelmed but one thing I’m doing is definitely letting it not pass me by.

So today’s post is mostly about just living. Enjoying the little things in life and avoid complaining :-).Speaking of leaving, October is almost done and I really hope you guys spared a few minutes and got checked #breast cancer month.

Also this top from chic me is giving me life. I love the back detail and the fact that its so casual ans so official at the same time. You can definitely order one from them and yes they definitely ship to Kenya in a matter of days.

I’ll be speaking more about this in my next post but in the meantime, enjoy the pics, the long holiday we have here in Kenya and don’t be afraid to live life to the fullest. Also remember to just spare a few minutes and pray for this lovely country ours, yes!.

Love and love.

Pencil skirt – Vivo| Top – Chic me |Shoes Primark| Stunners and Jewelry H&M










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  1. Simple but so classy. I love the pics from the back, the smile on ur face is so pretty and ur shape is really sexy. 😉 x x x

  2. You’re looking so lovely….and yes ,we are praying for our country. Blessings..

  3. Just beautifull..I love the pop of red

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