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Pictures by Obedphotography.

Hey loves.

First thing first, allow me to say many many thanks for your response on the last post. I’m so excited that just sharing what I go through will speak to you guys. So many thanks for the emails and as requested, I’ll try as much as possible to share more.

Also I had feature on nation news digital platform, thanks to the lovely Wanjiru Kariuki, about the ever classic LBD. In case you guys missed it you can read read it here :-).

So back to today’s post, and I’m so feeling this look. I wasn’t particularly crazy about slip dress trend when it came out. Though I really love how bloggers were slaying the look including Wanjiku of eesome.


One thing that made me shy away from the look was the fact that material seemed to me like the light satin just like the actual sleep dress which I’m a bit reserved when it comes to outfits made from very light materials other than tops. Plus rocking a dress meant for the bed wasn’t particularly a thing I’d consider. But then again that’s just the thing about style, how you wear it really matters.

To complete my nude cravings, I decided to go with some black Louboutin’s and a fur scarf :-).

For more on slip dresses, Click on the link below 🙂

Love and love.

Slip dress – She in |Fur scarf – thrift| Shoes – Gifted | Clutch – Linda |  Neckpiece –Mina gems| earrings and Rings – Masai Market.






DSC_8689 (1)

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  1. Beautiful..I love it

  2. This is sooooo goregous! I`m really loving how good you are evolving in your style Elle! And there is something about good photography that always gets me! Talking of Class babe! Ayeeeeeee 🙂

  3. This has got to be one of my very favorite posts from you dear…… I need to point out how keen you are to detail and your passion and transition is showing with each passing day….. Love love loooooooooooove :* :*

  4. I loove how you’ve styled this one! On the slip trend, I would pick yours top! The fur scarf adds some classy and sassiness to the whole look, amazing!!

  5. Eeish..You are serving us some leg with this dress
    You are slaying hun..I absolutely love the look and the shoes..sigh
    Lovely post..xx

  6. Whoa I’m so in love with this look, babe! I’m so glad to have sparked a change of mind on this trend. You look to die for 😍😍

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