Primp #1.

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I haven’t updated my  my primps /current hauls and lusts list in like forever, so sorry guys but then again I wasn’t just loving any other thing, Plus it’s been a minute since I tried out new stuff, but I recently did and here is the list.

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  1. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m binge for all Kiko Makeup. I have a bit of everything from their line and I really can’t complain about their products.

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So one of the things I love love love are their range of lip products. From Lip scrubbers, glosses, Lipsticks, Lip liners, Lip volumes, Lip balm, Kiss balms and any other lip product you may think about.

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  1. I’m also loving Huddah Cosmetics. Specifically Nimo and Vamp. Grace (my work mate) got me the two and ever since those have been my too go to. My lips are quite sensitive and I peal a lot especially when I wear matte lippies something that totally is a turn off but with Huddah, it’s a completely different story.

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3.Finally I got a bra let from she in and I’m currently loving it. It’s not too tight, doesn’t have the hooks and my             girls are definitely loving it.  I’m to  do a post on Bra’s and can’t wait to share that with you but I ll definitely                  recommend such types :-).

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I’m taking up recommendations on products or pieces, you guys think I should try, so kindly feel free to share that with me and I will be more than happy to try them out :-**.

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  1. I will Hun :-). Many many thanks,.

  2. Thank you for this. am very happy to read it

  3. Girl, I want everything. Especially that nimo lippie. I love this post, sth different

  4. I must agree. The pics are on point. Why lie. I just love them!!

  5. Hey love, the post was great.
    Was waiting for more insight on lip scrubbers.

  6. These pics are so on point..!
    Loving the post..different from what we are used to
    Do more of such 🙂

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