Old trend, New trend.


Pictures by Obedphotography

I was going through my wardrobe the other day and shocking enough , I had like two pairs of what I would refer as jeans, a couple of tights which are my to go to when travelling and then skirts and dresses just took over.


So I decided to get myself a few pairs of denims and this here has got to be one of my fav. The fitting is perfect and so is the material, not to heavy.

One thing I love about denims is how easy they are when it comes to making an outfit simple. Β Β The best thing about them is they will never go out of trend :-).






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  1. Love the fitting of these jeans on you.

    Have a lovely week ahead. X


  2. I loooove your jeans, the fit and look is amazing. I honestly never feel like I have enough jeans, even though I wear them practically everyday πŸ™ˆ

  3. Thanks dear. I thought you were the queen of jeans hmmmmm.

  4. Can you imagine I also discovered that I have very few pairs of jeans and I had to invest in more just a few days ago?!
    I love this look..So simple and chic..and the shoes and the bag spice up the look
    Great post


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