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It’s been a minute! I know, but I guess we have gone through why I might go on a break for a couple of weeks and then resume blogging. Well this time round it was work bundled with loosing psyche to practically do anything?


I’m one person who gets bored quite easily and it’s never a good place to be in for me because I have to keep on finding something to rejuvenate my inner energy every now and then but thank God for Jesus, He is just that Cup that will never run dry.

So apart from Just trying to snap out of it, I have been enjoying Grace Muriuki’s Video’s on Instagram, she is a blogger and you can definitely check her out, I love how candid she normally is not forgetting Nancie Mwai’s weekly Vlogs which are super addictive and I sort of got serious about my natural hair and keeping up with Sheila Ndinda’s blog has really been coming through :-).

Speaking of rejuvenating, I also decided to give my blog a face lift 🙂 and I’m loving it, hope you guys are loving it too.

Today’s post is about taking it back to when I used to be a communication lecturer. Oh yes I was but my extensive 8-5 wouldn’t allow me to continue with it. One thing is for sure though, I really enjoyed sharing what I learnt in campus and hopefully I will resume in the near future or maybe not, depending on where life takes me :-).






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  1. Okay this concept is everything! I love the pop of mustard and the glasses. You a lecturer? The boys in your class must have really loved the classes 😁

  2. First and Foremost, amazing new site. Lovely👍

    Lovely style. Communication Lecturer hmmm? Where was this ?

  3. Yaaaaaaaaas, come through babe….. Love this… Lecturer you said? Very interesting indeed…. Don’t beat yourself on the low moments, I think they are quite important because through them we get to be better versions of ourselves…. Enjoy the rest of your week hun :*

  4. I have been there too, not psyched to do anything at all…I can imagine. I looove the outfit you must have been a hot lecturer😍

  5. Yaaaaaas..I love the new blog look
    And you look so pretty..I love the classroom concept as well
    Great post..

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