Killihaul #1


Pictures by Obedphotography

Anyone else crazy about beautiful retro doors as much as I am? Well you could recommend a few and I promise we shall be friends for all times.


Now, one thing you have to give to Killimall is the fact that they are quite fast with their deliveries and their level of efficiency is just amazing. I have been ordering a number of stuff from them and even if they arrive on Saturday, the riders always try to get the goodies to where I am, regardless of the fact that it isn’t the location I’m normally at on weekdays. And that my friend has just made me love shopping there.

Well, I got this romper from them since I wanted something comfortable and light for some safari adventure and I must say, I was impressed. So if you are thinking of an all-inclusive fast online shop in the country then Killimall has to definitely  be on list :-).

Jumpsuit/romper – Killimall 




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  1. love the romper you look amazing!! and the service at killimall perfection!!

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