Ankara styles 1.

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Pictures by Obedphotography

Over the years, the African print has evolved so as to be incorporated in the fashion world from dresses to jewelry to furniture’s. Ankara just keeps on making its way in our lifestyle I remember the days when Ankara was taken to be an elderly woman outfit and you could rarely see ladies in customized outfits made from Ankara.

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Ankara styles have become the in thing nowadays from high end celebrities like Beyoncé, Lupita and Rihanna making Ankara inspired outfits part of the wardrobe to the runways, where designers are showcasing Ankara inspired work.

I still think there so much to be done with the Ankara fabrics and I cannot wait to see where the evolution is going.

Personally I just keep on falling in love with outfits made from Ankara and this particular one is no exception. The checkered inspired fabric complete with different color palette has to be one thing that I’m falling for, it just speaks art and creativity and to some point sheds light on the African diversity.

Ankara Skirt– gifted | Shoes –  f_reborn (IG) |  Jewelry – Dubious | Location – Concord hotel and suites.

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  1. Babe I fell in love too with this Ankara outfit. Ankara has really evolved with time and it’s just getting better. You look great babe..

  2. Any African print always has a special fire in it! I love how you styled your fitting skirt
    the neckpiece is also amazing
    Enjoy your evening

  3. Eeisssssssssssssh hunny, i think we you already know what I’m gonna say in regards to this…. I loooooooooove it, and, true, the ankara print is pretty much never leaving us….. the fit is perfect and your shoooooooooooes….Love…. Enjoy your evening dear 🙂

  4. you always pick beautiful locations, love this…!
    the accessories are just perfect, completes this beautiful ankara themed outfit.

  5. I absolutely love the outfit and location, Elle!! Ankara is definitely here to stay!

  6. the skirt is the bomb don’t have any ankara outfit but Im leaning towards them lately.
    love the location and your shoes!👌

  7. Your skirt is so sassy and the yellow necklace make the entire look bold and stylish !

  8. Ankara is here to stay my dear Elle! I just love the fact that it`s now recognized worldwide hence making it very unique and outstanding. You are glowing and coming here to read your posts is always refreshing!
    Have a lovely week hun

  9. African prints and fabrics are precious for a reason. They define one’s culture and everything the motherland has to offer. Even the western world is seeing the beauty in them

  10. I really love the pictures..The location too is outstanding!
    Looking lovely dear..Your shoes are to die for!!
    Great post..Have a blessed week.

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