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As a child I was frequently reminded that being an adult was the ultimate dream –I’d ask for something and the answer was always something like “not until you’re older”, “you’re too young”, and “what do you want to be when you grow up?” With such sentences, who wouldn’t think that being an adult was in itself magical?



Fast forward to my 20’s and years start going by very fast and alas! Most of us are a little unsure of what we’re actually doing. Maybe that’s how it’s always been, or I just started adulating a bit earlier than the rest of us did.

At 27, I’ve learned a few things that definitely fall under the category of “adulting”, so I thought I would share them to pave way it forward to any fellow millennials out there that might be struggling a bit.



I borrowed a habit of writing down all of my income sources for the month and believe you me this has gone a long way in helping me not to overspend. I used to be a spent thrift but nowadays the question is always about if I need it and if I can do without it. It also helps you to plan yourself in terms of bills and expenses. Anything left over gets split up between savings, and emergency fund, and spending (fun) money.


If organization is not a habit that comes naturally to you, then you need to learn. Staying organized saves you so much time in the end, plus it makes everything much less stressful.


Even though you’re all grown up and can do anything you want, that doesn’t mean you should live like a slob. There’s a certain sense of pride that comes with keeping your home clean and tidy.  I have three nephews who are just experts at doing their chores. I admire how hardworking and organized they are at such a young age and most of all I applaud my brother for raising them that way.


It’s very important to stay healthy and eat healthy food. Though I’m not an expert at this and believe you me guys, I do not observe the ‘’healthy code’’ of indulging but I’m trying to keep up. Starting by not adding a spoon of sugar or honey in green or lemon tea. And stop making faces, it’s not that easy. The two are not the best tasting beverages


Nothing comes easy, you have to work hard to enjoy life. So strive for beating your personal best and setting goals that really push you to go farther than before.

Finally Happy New 2017, Wishing you all the very best this year and of course Gods blessings.



Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 43:19


Top– Vivo Active | Shoes – Primark |  jewelry –  IG @Dee Machokaa – accessories | lace Pencil skirt – H&M









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  1. you have truly blossomed into a lovely young woman, keep doing what you do girl. you are good at it


  2. You have blossomed into a beautiful woman Elle! I`m so happy to see you grow in every way possible. Happy Belated Birthday hun! This was such a fun post. Can`t wait to see what this year has in store for all of us 🙂

  3. Wow this is a lovely post veery inspiring and you looking amazing ! all the best on your 27th year ELLE

  4. Ohhhh goodness, Only God knows how much I loved this… Reading it only made me breathe easy, feel relaxed and my smile stayed true all through….. I can honestly attest to seeing your growth…. Through this platform I can see that your growth has translated beyond the blogsphere….. Cheers to a refined jewel that you are….. Trust me hunny, it only gets better…. Happy New Year :* :*

    • awwww dear. Many thanks. I’m truly grateful for having you in my life. You inspire me a lot and this growth can also be attributed to you hun. Many many thanks

  5. oh wow, every bit of this post was wonderful,
    Thank you for sharing


  6. It’s true the 20s move so fast..The tips are on point but the green tea thing 😏wooo let it be. 27 looks great on you hun🍷…blessing.

  7. Great advice Elle, I can’t believe you’re 27. I love the orange bag, it made this outfit what it is, and the location is amazing

  8. Great advice, the 20s move so fast. I love the outfit.

  9. Looking lovely dear..I love how you blended the colors
    Great tips there..Have a lovely week..xx


  10. Great lessons right there, thanks so much for sharing and not that 27 is old, but for 27 year old, girl! You look so fine! 🙂

  11. you look lovely and unfortunately once you are past the age of braces and training bras responsibility doesn’t go away…

  12. Wow!! Impressive post. timely as well and the advice – WONDERFUL & FULL OF WISDOM.
    Great post ELLE. Happy New Year to you too.

  13. I know it’s weird but you literally have the cutest fingers ever!! The advice for us the millennials is great especially the tracing of finances because Lord know I need help in that department. You look amazing, 27 has never looked that hot!!! Cheers to greatness hun! Love and Love!

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