Red perfection.

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Pictures by Obedphotography

Yes it’s the month of love and no this is not a valentine post but it could pass for one :-).

Happy new month Loves.

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So I’m absolutely head  over the heels with this red number. I have had it for a while now and believe you me guys a valentine post was not the plan at all but having won it for this shoot definitely gave me ideas and since we are already here, we can as well chat about Valentine.

I’m more of a celebrate love whenever you can kind of person , so I rarely create a lot of fuss on that specific day but I do understand and appreciate that there is one day set apart every year to celebrate valentine.

I tend to think it is important to do acts of love everyday if possible to people who mean a lot to you and just show them that you love and appreciate them.

So even as we look forward to celebrating Valentines in the coming days, let’s purpose to make every day count and do something exceptional for the ones you love as often as you can.

On that note allow me to say thank you for the love you have shown on this platform and on my social pages and many thanks for your comments and encouragements. You guys are gems.

Make sure you follow, like or subscribe to my social media pages on the left side of this page and do have a lovely month ahead.

Blessings and love.

Dress– shein | Shoes – oldies |  Jewelry and Clutch – Mr. Price SA. | Location – Concord hotel and suites.

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  1. This is absolutely stunning. Truly red perfection.

  2. Oh gurl you slay <3 The cold shoulder and the style of the dress are just perfect on you!

  3. Wow Elle you have set the bar very high for Valentine. You look so hot in that dress, love love love it

  4. Oh girl I love the location of this shoot even before I start talking that dress very romantic. I am in love with the photo as you climb the stairs shot from the back .
    This is an amazing red piece in the closet. Its so elegant ,so hot and full of secrets!
    You gotta wear this more often ha!
    Enjoy your Weekend

  5. Classic fineness…You look dashing.I still believe you were definitely prepping for valentines.

  6. This is absolute perfection on every level!

  7. Milly Onyaye

    What a pretty dress Elle! The color, the fit, everything about it is just AMAZING!
    You don`t have an idea how pretty you look! You could have been my valentine had i been at home for holidays (wink)!!!

  8. Gorgeous the red dress looking perfectly beautiful on you

  9. Looking amazing …awesome awesome awesome

  10. I am so in love you have no idea….. Couldn’t wait to settle down and read this…. You look so stunning hun…. Keep shinning.. :* :*

  11. That dress is the And it really accentuates your curves.. 💕💕💕

  12. Slaying as always… That dress (inhales deeply)!😍

  13. Ayeeeee!Si you look so pretty Elle..That dress is everything I have been dreaming of *wink* Loool!
    SheIn is just the bomb!Such a lovely post..Keep slaying.

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