Paris appelle et le style parisien.


Pictures by Obedphotography

Well Hallo there,

Hoping that so far November has been kind to you guys :-).

I bet by now you guys already know that I love creating concepts for my shoots. There’s nothing more challenging and fascinating than being able to tell a story without words, which is something us bloggers try to do through images and our personal style.

It’s an ambitious goal, but so interesting and that’s exactly what I wanted to do with this post.


I have always wanted to visit Paris and was meant to do so sometime last year but unfortunately the terror incident happened which made getting in and out of Paris a problem and so I had no choice but to change my ticket. All in all I’m positive that I’ll get the opportunity to Visit the fashion city soon.

Apart from the Eiffle tower one thing that always has me about France is the Parisian Style which is associated with the country. The style timeless and accomplishing might seem like mystery.

If one thing’s for sure, there’s a lot more to it than facetiously throwing on a beret on your outfit which I tried finding but it was too late so I opted for a simple fascinator.

What I love about the style is that it is filled by classic wardrobe staple which are simple, versatile and practical.

And as I did the research for this look, I learnt a very important lesson about this style and personal styles as a whole; Personal style and fashion involves making a piece of clothing a natural fit for the wearer’s own style. It’s not about fitting the clothes but about the clothes fitting you.


Coat – Beckysville |  LBD – Gifted (Linda) |   shoes – Oldies   |  Fascinator – Dubois rd | Bag – H&M |







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  1. Wow!! The creativity in this post is over the roof. Here in Kenya the phrase to describe such creativity is -‘Thitima’ – Love the style as well.

  2. Wow! Paris is just a dream come true for all fashion lovers… I love love this look,classic and classy.My favorite

  3. You totally slayed this look!!!

  4. I can say am learning a lot as a fashion enthusiast.You look elegant and classy .

  5. My all time fav Elle!!
    You could dress like this all year long!! You talked about how you were looking for a style that fits you right? Well this is it!
    No doubt about it. You rock anything formal in a classy and sophisticated way???

  6. I really love this look..The coat kwanza..its a win!
    You absolutely slayed it!

  7. You did a perfect job with the coat and the hut hun
    Its really Parisian, vogue and chic!
    The facial expression tell it all
    Enjoy your new week

  8. You definitely nailed the look. Love it!

  9. This is EVERYTHING Hunny….. EVERYTHIIIIIIIIING…… I Don’t think I even have words to express how In Love I am with this Look….. Good going hun…… Lovely week ahead :*

  10. You look Simply divine Elle ?. You rocked it the way it’s ‘posed to be

  11. You had an opportunity to visit Paris? I don’t care if you are yet to visit the city but that’s so cool!!! I so envy your job smh!! I have always been very fascinated by the Parisian style, it oozes sexiness, boldness and elegance. The beret, cashmere sweater, lace stockings, skirt, white blouse and the color red and black among other essentials for Parisian style. You look fiery and breathtaking!!! Tu est Jolie mon cherie!

    • Oui chéri. Mais c’était l’année dernière.The same day they had the terror attack. I was to leave for paris that evening. But due to the security and safety rules of the organisation. The trip had to be cancelled. hahaha I totally agree with you and cant wait for the next opportunity.Merci beaucoup poupée

  12. Looking all sorts of expensive ;). Lovely

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