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Pictures by Obedphotography

Ever found yourself wishing that the office set up could be more accommodating in terms of style especially when the weather is this gloomy?

Lately I have been there, I know most of us bloggers talk about layering and all for the cold season, but wait until you have layered the whole week and there is nothing more to layer. The dilemma of waking up and staring at your closet for close to thirty minutes wondering what to put on checks in.


Some jobs have a distinct advantage when it comes to just how far you can take the office outfit rule-bending. You must believe in your style and the skills it represents to break the rules and be a bit daring with your office outfits.

It is important to note that casual means polished when it comes to work environments and the existence of a very fine line between trendy and sloppy cannot be ignored but you can always incorporate some pastel hues and Jewel tones that are not too shouting to spice up your look.


Monochromatic pieces have always been regarded as a means of looking polished, classic and timeless, reason why most of my work outfits revolve around such colors.

Wearing a pair of brightly colored shoes or bag is a lot safer than wearing bright colored clothes which I tried to incorporate for this particular outfit and we all love safe zones but that doesn’t mean we cannot explore :-).

Kisses and stay warm :-):-*.


High waist  pencil skirt – Ragia (IG) | Belt – Romwe  |  Heels –  Same here  |  Coat – Beckysville |  Bag – Oldie(spain trip)










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  1. Love it! You played incredibly well with the prints and layers. Very tastefully done!

  2. One more look to steal for the office, I love it!

  3. Lol! Ati when you have nothing more to layer, you made me laugh so hard!! I love the shoot location, you should have held a coffee to represent olivia Pope but hey! I love how you layered this outfit and the belt adds pizzazz to the loo not forgetting the shoes!!

  4. woo!you look amazing….The layering is perfect and i also like the pop of color on the shoes.

  5. Ooooh my dear Elle!
    I love how you are evolving as the days go by. Very very chic! The belt itself deserves a post on its own! Talking about statement pieces! You are glowing my dear! Keep kn shining

  6. Goodness am always in a dilemma of what to wear to work. It’s get really hard at times. Great post and I adore this look. That waist coat is so pretty. By the way I hope you receive the email from jord watches because you worn the competition.

  7. From the second I saw this look on Instagram, I fell inlove. I could not wait to see the rest of the pictures. Beautiful and I might steal it for my next interview lol

  8. I absolutely loveee this hun….. You style is really changing and I truly appreciate how indepth you went with tweaks we can use to still stay stylish in the office….. I love everything here….. So chic and classy 🙂

  9. Wow!Absolutely Love the look. Lovely indeed.

  10. I see myself in this Monday to Friday.. I love the look.Gotta give it up for the belt

  11. such a statement with that belt, beautiful look.

  12. Very beautiful Elle..Classy, stylish..totally something I would wear to the office

  13. The belt ????

    Really loved how you’ve layered!

  14. That belt , chic and modern. lovely

  15. Oh Elle, what I wouldn’t do to have this whole outfit ?. That belt is a statement by itself, I hope I can dress like this for my job one day.

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