Nude state of mind.


Pictures by Obedphotography

Haaaaaaallo  and happy new month lovelies.

Feels like its been a while. I remember during my last blog post  on social media, I kept on talking about saying bye to October when we were actually in mid-month. Well to give you an explanation I was quite certain that I would be having hectic days for the next few weeks not forgetting my pre-planned work travels which I promise to do a post on before the year ends. But in the meantime, let’s get chatty on nudes.


I know I’m coming in late but my nude bulb just lit and I am obsessed :-). I recently found this Gold Tie Bow Sequined High Split Skirt while browsing on the Romwe site and it just gave me the psych I needed to do an all nude post. I not only love the color but the sequins give it a whole new look and its flowy nature. The bow tie is just a plus.

This is by far the most beautiful, meticulously detailed piece of clothing that I’ve ever owned.  I paired it with a simple nude top to maintain its classiness,

For those of you who aren’t familiar with online shopping but you want to do it, I  highly recommend you check out  Nancy Mwai and Meron Dymphana site for some of the coolest online shops review and how to engage in online shopping. Though it takes thirty days for your stuff to be delivered, the wait is worth it plus you get to perfect your patience virtue:-*.

Love & love.

Top – Oldie |  Gold Tie Bow Sequined High Split Skirt –  Romwe  |   shoes – Romwe   |  Chocker – Streets of Dar | Watch – Oldie |  Earings & Rings – Mr. P S.A








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  1. Shiquo Muthui

    Looking gorgeous!Loving this?

  2. simply beautiful

  3. You look amazing Elle plus Romwe has good stuff..i like

  4. Really love the location of your shoot! Haha I was one of those guys who asked about mid October

  5. Happy new month hun. oh babe love the nude on nude and that slit is everything.

  6. This is gorgeous, stunning look and some inspiration for the xmas season….

  7. I totally love it . A very classic look.

  8. And she is glowing as everrrrr!!
    Is nude the new black?? Your smile though… Can`t get enough of it!!
    By the way i love the new blog layout hun!

  9. I saw the sneak peak and thought it was dress at first! Its absolutely gorgeous piece and you rocked it well with the zigzag sandals.
    Everything is well put together!
    Enjoy your week

  10. Wait, I thought it was a dress! I love the title of this post. And yes! The detail is to die for. Love everything

  11. You’re super gorgeous…. And you have a beautiful smile.

  12. You have made my day despite having being robbed, mentioning me is such a big deal for me, it show how selfless and amazing you are, I already knew that anyway. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!! You already know you are a queen, maybe not of Katwe like Lupita’s movie but queen of fashion and you are always a perfect mannequin that literally looks fab in ever dress, however this time around, this dress spoke on it’s own and all you did was add glamour to it. Ps, Romwe has pretty cool stuff!

    • Awww hun, You just one of those that i really admire. You do a great job and you are worth every mention. Sorry about the robbery and I really hope you are ok. Thanks a bunch :-*

  13. Yaaaas..That skirt is giving me life right now
    You look so stunning Elle..You absolutely nailed this look
    I love!love!love!

  14. Absolutely Stunning…. Welcome back Hun, can’t wait to read your travel posts….. Happy New Month :* :*

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