Month: November 2016

My style

Mirror me

Pictures by Obedphotography Let me be honest, I have been itching to share this photos with you guys. I’m definitely in love with this dress and I really loved the location of this photos. To tell you the truth I had no idea about the location let alone the jewelry I […]

My style

Paris appelle et le style parisien.

Pictures by Obedphotography Well Hallo there, Hoping that so far November has been kind to you guys :-). I bet by now you guys already know that I love creating concepts for my shoots. There’s nothing more challenging and fascinating than being able to tell a story without words, which is […]

My style

Nude state of mind.

Pictures by Obedphotography Haaaaaaallo  and happy new month lovelies. Feels like its been a while. I remember during my last blog post  on social media, I kept on talking about saying bye to October when we were actually in mid-month. Well to give you an explanation I was quite certain that I […]