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I’m currently in love with inspirational and educational books and talks. Be it Video clips or just catching up with a friend/s and just sharing experiences, focuses, career goals and future plans. I really I’m learning a lot and the best part is I feel challenged to do more, to aspire more, pray more , read the bible more and focus on my happiness. After all we only have one life and we have to live it to the fullest. At least I know I’m trying to do so.

So here are just a few lessons I thought I could share with you guys as we are adulting.

I remember sitting down sometime back before I got into my current relationship, and trying to figure out why it never worked with my ex. And you have to agree that all of us are guilty of that. I really couldn’t get it, and then I fell in love and just forgot all about that.

But we, all of us are normally caught in that little fact in many situations. Most of us get into a relationship hoping that we will change the person. I’m definitely not a relationship guru or love guru for that matter but I have learnt one thing; “Don’t try to change someone who is perfectly happy with who they are!” In short don’t try to change some one. Let them change for their own good.

There’s definitely more to life than money. Passion is the best thing ever, do what you love and perfect it. Believe you me it will pay off.  It’s amazing how most of the people who are successful perfected their passion and I sure don’t need to mention names. Don’t forget patience while at it.


30 is not the new 20

I think every one of us needs to invest in their future right now. Most of us, me included, tend to waste our time in procrastinating. Recently I have been shocked at how fast months are going by and thinking of how in just a few months I’ll be a year older, but couldn’t get past the question of my achievements. I really need to pull up my socks on that because it’s more about the lesson than the number!

When all is said and done it’s all about you. As I said at the beginning of this post, you only have one life to live so you best live it to the fullest.

Enjoy the rest of the month. XX.

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  1. lessons well taken in Hunn and I love the details especially the coyness of that sweater!
    Enjoy your Weekend

  2. This was such a good read hun….. You my sweetie, are growing into a wise, fine woman…. Thank you for sharing, and you look so adorbs….. I love everything :* :*

  3. I love everything about this post, that belt gave me a ka feeling, i dig it!
    the words you poured on this post, wow, i am not only inspired but moved. Thank you for sharing this.
    love love love

  4. Very very insightful lessons.
    Also, how gorgeous do you look!!!! I love 🙂

  5. I agree fully with these life lessons. I have found myself wondering that time is passing by yet I feel like I could have been way ahead in terms of my goals and aspirations. In fact I should have not only be dreaming but actually achieved them. Great pointers Elle ?

  6. You look amazing #thatmelaninpopping… I totally love the post, so inspiring.

  7. How inspiring is this?
    It’s not about the number but the lesson learnt! Loved that Elle.
    Procrastination holds us back in reaching our goals! The truth is time waits for no one! I also suffer alot from it but i have found writing things down and sticking to the plan helps alot??
    Awesome post hun

  8. Lovely read Elle plus you look amazing

  9. Love love love everything and the post is inspiring …lots to pick from and act on it

  10. You look amazing hun! Thanks for sharing this lessons, very helpful.

  11. Lovely. Love the somplicity of the post.

  12. Looking beautiful Elle..The sweater especially is a win for me
    Great post..xx

  13. I have learned so much dear, on the money, relationships and 30 is the new 20…..I will definitely ponder on that. I love the makeup and I need that belt!!!

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