Handbags edit.


Handbags are a girl’s home away from home. Having one that stores everything you will need for the day and looks extra stylish is quite important.

A handbag ties an entire outfit together, it has the power to alter the fate of your ensemble.

The ideal handbag has to be both practical and stylish, both trendy and comforting. And like outfits, I’m rarely kin on trends when it comes to handbags. And though they do come with a shelf life, one shouldn’t be afraid to try new styles and branch out from the normal go-to comfort colors.

Having said that, here are a few of my favorites.














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  1. Love your style girl! Keep it up

  2. I love your style and not sure which bag is my favorite.

    FOODIES: http://tastiedine.com/2016/09/02/dark-chocolate-mud-cake/
    Much Love,

  3. Am always eyeing that second nude clutch..It’s a winner!I love the others too


  4. I can never get enough of handbags.Yours look amazing.

    • I know girl.They are just my to go fashion item. Thank you.

    • Excellent work, we need more visability of content online. In whatever form it maybe published! Text is and will remain the essence of inteenrt.What I am missing however, is the integration with Web Analytics reporting tools. How will Google Analytics be picking up interaction and “naviagtion” with a flash site. Perhaps this is the next step?

  5. I thought i had a number of good handbags lol you have a lot lol
    beautiful post, i love handbags so much though


  6. I am also a handbag and shoe kinda girl. Your collection is versatile and a must in everyone’s wardrobe. Great post

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