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September has gone by incredibly quickly, and can you guys believe that we are only two months to the Christmas Season. Which I’m pretty excited about but for the time let’s just enjoy the moments that we are having. It’s been a minute since I shared about what beauty products I’m using or I have been using and I really hope you guys don’t mind about that. So here are some of what I have been obsessed over the month of September and I might have just carried them to October.


I’ve been trying to keep things light with my face by only applying Milani Foundation and Powdering up with Kiko. I’m not sure that it’s ok to do that but hey; we make our own rules. The weather here has been quite funny. You never seem to know if it’s hot or cold so something light on my face has been working very well for me.

FLAWLESS FUSION Bronzer powder 05

I have to say, that I’m really in love with my skin/ face though it can be sensitive, It normally is very decent. I rarely have break outs. The only thing that I frequently experience are sun and Cold buns that’s it.



Smart Lipstick 900

Smart Lipstick 900

I really love and want to enjoy more natural look – something pretty and feminine, but that hardly takes any time or effort. So far it’s been all good, up until I tried some neutral /nude lipi ‘s. I don’t know about you guys but I think my complexion is just no no for nude Lipi ‘s.  I have a couple of them very good brand as usual and I will be giving them away on my social media page soon. So be on the lookout. So nude lipi ‘s are something that am definitely not carrying to October:-).




Passion  Velvet Burgundy Lipi ‘s on the other hand are the it for me.  Still obsessed with NYX butter lip creams, and it automatically gets a pass to the rest of the months.



One more thing that I discovered are lip liners. I love them. I have been using a couple with lip glosses and I’m loving the finish on my lips.

I’m always lazy when it comes to my eyes,  I  think I only use two colors on my  eye shadow set. But I got this gorge colors delivered from Kiko and they are amazing.

Water Eyeshadow - 216

For my lashes, I have been stuck on this one for the past 9 months or so and I don’t think it will change anytime soon.

Eyebrow Fibers coloured mascara 06

Though I’m open to trying new Mascaras.


That’s Just about it on what is in my beauty bag. Thanks so much for reading and please do share some of the products you have been using and some of which you think I should try.

Love and love

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  1. I guess nude lippies are not for everyone. i too find them very tricky to wear.

  2. Kiko products are amazing and am talking from the fact that my makeup artist uses them on me. Is it just me or do you find their scent amazing??

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