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Pictures by obedphotography.com

 Today I woke up in such a great mood and I’m really hoping it lasts through the new month. I think it’s the Sunny weather we have been experiencing lately. Coupled with the fact that I’m actually better and Just in case you are wondering what I’m talking about, this post here will bring you up to date.

First thing first, could we all give a round of applause to the person who invented shorts *claps*, thank you :-). Apart from being amazingly comfortable, I can never get enough of their cuteness and simplicity. Though I don’t have as many, shorts are just perfect for the hot weather.

I really didn’t want to complicate this one and opted for the gold sandals, threw in a coat just in case it got a bit colder which seems to be the trend in Nairobi nowadays. I know the question will come up as you scroll down and let me just answer them .The Jumping shots; well I have to say big up to Obed for capturing those ones, especially when the Monkeys at the venue were really aiming for my handbag. And although rumor has it that Monkeys love women, let it be known that in my case the feeling is not mutual , and I definitely do not agree with the school of thought that we evolved from them. Though I  really do appreciate them from a distance :-).

I’m loving the fact that most of my close acquaintances are warming up to this other part of me and this tribal number was courtesy of that.

Allow me to say loads of thank you for your warm response here loves and just in case you want to catch up with on the social world, then be  sure to  hit the buttons on the ‘connect with me’ segment, left of your screen.

Love &Love.

Bag and Sandals  – Same as here

Earings –  Prydeartz (Instagram)

 Coat,Corset, Belt – Oldies










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  1. The whole outfit is simple and chic.I love how vibrant you were for that shoot.

  2. Eishhhh mama……… this is SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXY and so fun at the same time…. I love the lace detail, the nude and neutral vibe too. This shoot looked like so much fun… Hugs XX

  3. I hope that great mood lasts as well. On a fashion note you are slaying those shorts to perfection mama mia! Keep slaying dear!

  4. Looking good in shorts Elle and the weather is awesome too

  5. I have a love hate relationship with shorts.. i just have to get the perfect fit which is at times a major struggle! Love how simple yours are Elle! Perfect for a chilled out day??. You are awesome hun!

  6. I love love love the look! I wish I could be bold enough to wear shorts though..
    And yes, the sunny weather is just the bomb.com I am totally enjoying it..


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