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Don’t you love that its Thursday already, just a few hours to the weekend. Yeiy!

Anyone of you feeling the summer Vibe yet? I know I am, and I can’t wait to share those summer outfits with you guys. Guess I’m having some sought of rush but not Sugar of course :-).

On today’s post though, I know that the title of the post gives you guys  a bit of inkling that I’m talking about off shoulders. Well, off- shoulders have been trending for a while now and are still trending. They are quite flexible depending on what you want to pair it with, they still brings out that chicish, sort of playful personality.

Top and skirt- Thrift.

Shoes – Shoerack.

Earings – Maasai Market.










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  1. I love bright colors and i can say this you killed.The off-shoulder…..perfect choice to style the skirt.

  2. Hi Cazare. There is an option of not subscribing where you subscribed for comments. Kindly do check the automatic replay mail.

  3. Girl, I cannot get over how adorable you look in this outfit. I love those 2 colors paired together 🙂

  4. Hunny my goodness…… Yani, I think I’ve scrolled up and down like ten times….. How pretty are you aki….. This combo is sooooo gorge…. It surely was meant to be….. Have a blessed weekend love :* :*

  5. Love love love it all

  6. I love this look, however I would have tucked in the top. Well done dear

    • Thanks hun. This is why I need you visiting this place more oftens. Your options and thoughts are always highly regarded hun. Thanks doll 🙂

  7. I absolutely love your clutch bag. So beautiful and I am so happy the sun is back and we too can wear off-shoulder because I’m such a fan of the trend.

  8. Cheers tot he weekend…..I need me an off shoulder outfit thanks to you. I love the yellow hues and how they reflect summer vibes.

  9. You look amazing Elle, I love love this trend, can’t wait to give it a shot

  10. I love this look, the grey just breaks the brightness of the yellow and makes it such a perfect pairing. You rocked the look very well

  11. Yes to the off-shoulder trend..I love the look ma’
    And your clutch too..Gorge!

  12. Looking absolutely lovely!

    Isobel x

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