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So September started on a really high note for me and I remember telling you guys here, how excited I was for my scheduled travels this month. Well that was until my dental issues decided for me that I will not be making any trips. Not just yet.


I say my dental issues, because for the past one week my teeth have been terrible. I really would never wish a tooth ache on anyone. Seriously they are just of the devil. The pain associated with them is more than immense. I have to admit they are one of my worst experiences yet. I had a root infection which resulted in my face swelling so you can guess how disfigured I was. I remember on Tuesday night when the pain was at its pick, couldn’t sleep and just sat down in my mother kitchen from around 1a.m – 4 a.m. Nothing was really going on in my mind except asking God to just make the pain go away but it didn’t go away. Up until 5 a.m. The funny thing or the most annoying thing about tooth aches is the fact that they only pain in the wee hours of the morning when you really can’t get help. I tend to think they are aware of the times when one can’t get help whatsoever and they maximize on it.


Any way to cut this story short, I finally got rid of the root today and I’m slowly recovering, with a few more procedures to be done. But my main agenda for taking you guys through this, is just to remind you how faithful God is. I mean at times we get ourselves in so much trouble and being human’s we expect God to bail us out without facing any consequences. Well truth, He won’t. Every decision we make has its consequences. My choice to be a sweet tooth had its own consequences which were manifested in the tooth aches but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of everything, I still have 30 teeth to protect 😉 and I sure got another chance.

The thought that there are still better days and better situations is what my post today is all about. Every day is a new day, a new opportunity to make your wrongs right, a chance to live and a chance to be happy. So take advantage of any situation you are in to give thanks and live life to the fullest. Learn to live in the moment and just appreciate the things that make you smile.Make the most of each day you are given after all life is a gift.

In regards to today’s outfit. It is no secret that I love white outfits and this pretty number had me from hello. I think it’s too pretty and screams second chances. White outfits are inherently beautiful, and as such they magnify the beauty of other colors they are paired with.

Many thanks for the warm responses I have been getting on the blog lately. You guys are belisimo:-* and do have an amazing blessed week ahead

Dress_ Beckysville

Sandals_ Gifted

Neck accessories_ Dee_ Machokaa accessories

Earings_ Maasai Market

Bracelet_ Gifted








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  1. Sorry about your tooth. You look amazing. I particularly like the neck accessories and the bag, they’re epic.

  2. I can totally relate about toothache.but as you said we all have a second chance to learn from our experiences.The outfit however is betraying your pain…Looking lovely.

  3. Oh sorry to hear about your toothache. It can only get better from now. The pain will subside and you will be back to your normal self again. Get well

  4. Absolutely stunning outfit, great combo as well, all perfectly match, I love it , love your adorable hair too. Thank you for sharing, you look lovely!!!


  5. So sorry for the pain you had to endure,hope you get better each passing day.Well said about learning to live for the moment.Love love the dress and could i borrow your bag for a day!

  6. I hope your tooth heals fast and you’re feeling better soon! I love this look and the flowers in your hair are stunning <3

    The Quirky Queer

  7. Ooooooh my, I am so sorry dear!! Get well soon, am glad the tooth is finally out. On the bright side you look breathtaking, that dress is chic and classy!!

  8. I could feel your pain by just reading this post
    So sorry dear..wachana na KitKat..Quick recovery.
    Looking great..I love the dress..xx

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