High Lows.


Pictures by obedphotography.com

For someone who likes trying out new pieces, especially customized ones, I must admit that Nairobi has very good tailors, ‘fundis’, or should I say designers. Only that at times this tailors can get you going kookoo. Reason why I’m highly considering buying a sewing machine and just learning how to sew:-).

I’m one of those who are obsessed when it comes to creating what I will wear. I love being involved in the process. And many are the times you will find me sourcing for materials and trying to figure out what will go well with it. Speaking of which I need to do that soon.

Anyway I knew what I wanted with this top, a different kind of high low. Not the normal basic one. I remember the first time my mum saw it and she was like; ‘what a nice coat.’ Only to realize it wasn’t a coat after trying it on the third time.

All in all, I sort of like that he finally got what I wanted and I’m loving it.

Top – Custom made

Pants – Same as here

Shoes – Same as here

Bag – Zara

Neck piece – You need to stalk her on IG @Dee Machokaa – accessories








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  1. Love this look! Those shoes are so cool. And I love looks that are just as exciting from the back as they are in the front.


  2. Hey beautiful. This is probably my face time on your blog and I love your style. Great post. High lows are definitely great statement pieces.x


  3. Aiyayayayaya!!!
    And if you haven`t started saving for that sewing machine Elle, please start asap! The fit, the style, everything is just mwaaaaah! One of my best posts from you 🙂

  4. Always a pleasure stopping by, this looks amazing 🙂


  5. I wish I could also get the chance to be involved in an outfit making/ sewing session!
    I love the highs and lows of that dress top and the back also looks amazing !
    Great styling

  6. Before i comment on the outfit,how awesome are your shoes???I love the creativity surrounding that top.Incredible

  7. I absolutely love this hunny…. So chic and elegant all in one :* :*

  8. Omg Elle, this is perfection! I’d like to accept that invite now and come raid your closet!

  9. The back side of the top changes everything. Love how you styled it and the shoot location.


  10. Lovely!!!

  11. Girl!! That top should be on a runway. Love the creativity and how well you styled it

  12. Good job with the high-low..you are rocking it pretty well

  13. I loooooove this post..the last pic is so beautiful.
    You nailed it!


  14. I loooooove this post..the last pic is so beautiful.
    You nailed it!


  15. I know the feeling about tailors to well, they can make you go crazy because of disappointments. This top is gold!!! The back detail, the double slits, the high low, the cowl neck…..wow!!! I love it!

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