Habesha Inspired.


Happy new month loves ;-*

I have always coveted Ethiopian outfits, the ones that just fit perfectly and screams Habesha inspired. Yes! Those ones.






Visiting Ethiopia and not grabbing a couple of them would be a crime. My favorite thing about this dresses are the details which adds a super cute twist to the light white fabric.

I’m pretty loyal to African/culture inspired outfits. The originality accompanied by them is just divine and habesha dresses are not an exception πŸ™‚ and just in case you missed my experience in Ethiopia, you can read it hereΒ :-).

Dress – EthiopiaΒ Β |Β Sandals – PrimarkΒ | earrings – Pryde_artzΒ | Head Piece – H&MΒ Β |Β Pictures





_DSC0229 (1)

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  1. These pictures are amazing. Habesha inspired outfit looks great on u….u look sultry and beautiful….

  2. I love the simplicity in that Ethiopian dress, so beautiful that I’d make it a daily wear especially when the sun is hot. Always slaying ma

  3. Hun! I would have done the same. It looks amazing on you. Africa is so rich with culture. When Kenyan and Ethiopian collide its magic. You look amazing.

  4. Your Habesha looks amazing and am headed to read your Ethiopia experience asap! I wanna be you when I grow up in terms of traveling because I only travel during Christmas,lol!

  5. Finallyyyyy! I have tried like ten times to access your page! Glad i could make it here Elle??.. So very worth it. Everything about you is Class! Love the head piece as well

  6. I absolutely love this…. So sultry and elegant…. Beautiful hun, just BEAUTIFUL :*

  7. lobe love love. the accessories are on point as well…. KUDOS!


  8. The black and white picture is so beautiful
    Lovely dress..lovely post


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