Africa is out to get me.



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That’s if it hasn’t gotten me already :-).

Anyone who feels that this year has gone so fast? Don’t worry you are not alone. We are in August and sadly I’m still at that point where I’m yet to accomplish somethings definitely not goals that I had set out to do this year. Hopefully I will catch up and try as much as possible to rectify that

One thing I’m grateful for though is life, Love, definitely you guys, this space and yes! The sun :-).

Sorry about the slow stream of posts lately, Life has been a bit hectic thanks to my 8-5 ;-), but I have established my balance and expect more posts.

I really need to stop custom making Ankara outfits. Not that I have so many of them but as earlier expressed in this post here, I have a soft spot for anything Culture/ African oriented. And this soft spot could soon be turning into an obsession :-).

I haven’t shopped in a while but I have been hunting for Ankara fabrics and designs. So just in case I crowd this space of ours with Ankara outfits; I have warned you in advance.

Today I’m sort of hiding in my archives and as much as I’m currently into bold colors, I like to keep it simple with nudes once in a while.

Monochrome pieces are always a win irrespective of how you wear them.

Kisses and do enjoy the weekend. XX.








Top- H&M

Ankara pencil skirt- Custom made

Shoes – Oldie from Shoetree (Instagram)

Clutch – Duka Kwa Boot

Stunners& Jewelry – Mr.Price,Masai Market, Malawi.

Waterfall Knit – Thrift.


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  1. Love that skirt! You look so beautiful and happy! 🙂

    And yes,.. it’s September.. and I still have the idea that it’s like February!! And I have so much on my to-do list! Aarrgh! 😛

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  2. I love the outfit combination as a neutral lover its just perfect and am sure great for the Nairobi weather! I mean the simple light cardigan and that look combo to the office is just top.
    Sure this year runs too first! Its hard to believe but atlas we still got 4 more months to make a difference.
    Enjoy your day

  3. Ankara is the new ish Elle! I don`t think it will ever grow old because of its never ending unique patterns! So you are more than allowed to share with us all of those ankara pieces you own! Wouldn`t mind an inspiration at all 🙂
    Love how playful you were in this post! But again what else do i expect from my baby girl??

  4. I love the prints in the skirt.The color makes it easy to style with different darker tones.

  5. Hahahaha!!! i absolutely enjoyed the read and most especially the part you said ‘this space of ours’ . I also love the second pic.It has a lot of attitude into it that can really be seen. What were you expressing elle?

  6. Looking lovely! Loving the print on your pencil skirt! <3

    Isobel x

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  7. I looooooooooove the simplicity in this…. you look so classy dear…… And trust me, the Ankara craze ain’t going nowhere so don’t even think of lying to yourself loooooool….. This is the designer in me talking….. Have a good one to dearie :* :*

  8. the attitude in the third photo, now i want that everyday lol
    love this post, wear Africa 🙂

  9. I love the back of you black top. the year is literally flying and it’s worrying me because of goal accomplishments too but since I lost a close relative this week i have learned to live at the moment and not stress about plans and all that. Talking about Ankara, you have my permission to bombard the blog with these kinds of posts as long as the styling is as good as this ensemble you are wearing. Am glad you have found a balance and I can’t wait for more regular posts!!

  10. Looking beautiful mami..Simple and elegant

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