Work Vs Play.

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If you are not crazy about suits like me, then  a sleek work wardrobe with a few patterns  might work well for you. Getting the job done on an 8-5 basis is always key in our daily routine, but the moment you clock out and you have other engagements, then it’s time to cue your outfit change.

It’s all about finding the right style tricks to achieve the ideal balance of work vs. play and I think Vivo line has the best options when it comes to that.

A post-work pencil skirt is so versatile that one doesn’t need to be self-conscious wearing it to a date or a cocktail party.


I got this classic one from Vivo and it’s just the right fabric and print. I opted to pair it  with a crop top from their thesisess collection and to elevate the look I went with some Zara lace heels which are my current fav, so be sure to spot them here a lot.


Lots of love.

Skirt and Crop top – vivo | Shoes – Zara | Clutch – Mango | Pictures Obedphotography








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  1. Love your skirt! I’m crazy about prints too, so I try to incorporate them into my work wardrobe when possible.

  2. A very pretty skirt! 🙂

    Love this summer look! 🙂

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  3. Thank you Linda.

  4. lovely… love the skirt and shoes… gorgeous!!!

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