Monochromatic Blue.


Good morning loves and happy new week! I just wanted to say a quick hallo and share some images of this super cute blue body con dress I grabbed from Beckysville. I have lately transformed into a binge when it comes to their clothes and for those of you who follow me on social media can attest to that.

Normally, I am loyal to solid nude colors when it comes to body cons but this might have given me the go ahead to try more lively and exciting colors. This dress has such an office look and feel but can also go so well for an evening outing. One thing I love about body cons is their ability to wear with anything which I’m always obsessing over and this dress is no exception. So if you’ve got such a number in your closet, you are sure it’s a win, win in every possible way! πŸ™‚

Dress BeckysvilleΒ |Β Shoes ZaraΒ |Β JewelryΒ Mrp SAΒ Β Β |Β PicturesΒ Obed photographyΒ .


















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  1. Love the dress and the color is too goerg!

  2. Can I give you my address? LOL
    cuz I need your shoes so bad.

  3. You look great Hun. Love the vibrant blue

  4. I love that this dress is elegant and can actually be worn to the office and look totally official when you add a blazer or trench coat. I love your hair and you always nail it in screaming colors so don’t be modest in your nudes..

  5. I love this monochrome look which is also in my colour. And indeed I see why everyone loves the shoes. They are really beautiful dear.

  6. Mami your shoes are to die for..kwanza the blue imeshika!
    Lovely dress!

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