Hair Struggles. We’ve got this.


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I guess by now you guys already know that I love trying new things and my hair is no exception.

I was a naturalista for one year and that was until April this year when I decided to do a pixie cut. Currently I’m on my Journey back to being a natural and wigging it has been very helpful in this process.

I don’t have a routine and I don’t plan to start one either, so you guys don’t have to worry about me bombarding you with a lot of products that you need to use for healthy hair growth. But I sure do acknowledge that just like any other thing I love, taking care of my hair is a must :-).

One lady who really keeps me wishing I had the guts to be a red head and takes very good care of her hair is Jeanette.  As I expressed in the post here, her hair has earned a place in my heart :-).

I love that she gets away with the color and she absolutely looks amazing. It’s hard for us to walk in the CBD or just any public place and not having someone ask her about her hair.


Her hair is 3C so all ye fellow 4C hair sisters, I know y’all be like; ‘no wonder….’

For this particular look she just did a wash and go.

Her healthy natural long hair is such a beautiful sight to behold and as I normally put it, it is such a temptation.

As I wrap up this post, I suppose Jeanette will be welcoming any questions about her hair and will be gladly to give you tips which I will definitely share.

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Some few tips about African hair and hair in general that you didn’t know.

  • They are the slowest growing hair in the world with an exception of Habesha women (I.e Ethiopians and Eritreans )
  • Hair grow a little bit faster in warm weather because the heat stimulates circulation and that encourages hair growth.
  • The hair above your scalp is dead, cutting/trimming the ends of your hair cannot determine hair growth. Most African women are born with kinky hair and it dries out easily, so to maintain moisture and retain hair growth, the hair would need some extra conditioning and moisturizing.

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  1. Aaaaaw!
    This is simply gorgeous Elle..
    You all look beyond beautiful
    what a pretty shoot 🙂

  2. Love this.. such a great post! You seem really lovely too, I would love to follow each other and stay in contact.. let me know if you want to! x

  3. Thanks so much hun :-*

  4. Great post dear..Lovely pics!

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