Flirtatious Emerald & Crop.



_DSC0305 My color obsession kicked in a few month ago and  I can’t seem to leave anything that screams rich color alone but can you blame me? They are just the best outfits ever  and they make your moments automatically brighter and beautiful. I don’t think this obsession will be ending soon and I really don’t want it to end :-).


So the weather is definitely not warming up anytime soon in Nairobi :-(. But on a more exciting note, I’ve been so inspired lately but not being able to put all my ideas to paper despite the fact that I have like three notebooks has been quite frustrating. Hopefully I’ll make good use of them this week :-).

I really love the 70’s trend represented by midi skirts and it’s been a minute since I wore a midi. I have always loved the look; Simple, chic and very flattering.  I also think that this skirt is just to gorgeous to not make it here and its rich color paired with a crop top was seriously doing wonders for me.

Midi – Sybil closet (IG) | Crop – Custom made | Shoes – Primark | Jewelry – Mr.p  | Pictures Obedphotography

_DSC0304 (2)





_DSC0319 (1)

_DSC0310 (1)

_DSC0317 (1)



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  1. You look so stunning in this outfit. Those colours are just perfect and those heels…hmmm I have a thing for heels I tell you.. I so love that 70s feel ♡♡

  2. Oh babe! we so have many things in common. Anything that pops I fall in love instantly. Love the colours. You look so cute in this outfit

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