Crispy Clean.

There is something about white that simply captivates my heart. So much so that I was inspired to do a crisp clean white in studio. Tagging Jeanette along made it more fun and the difference between men and women’s didn’t apply here.

Apart from being an amazingly simple style, it’s very had to go wrong with over sized men shirt. Initially we had thought of doing the shoot bare foot but then the shoes looked too good on us. Plus they added some feminine touch to the whole look. Which I absolutely love.

Oversized Mens shirt – Kings collection.

Jeanette’s shoes – Shoerack

Elle’s shoes – Zara

Elle’ s Jewelry – Wool Worth & Mr. Price

Jeanette ‘s Jewelry – H&M










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  1. Aaaaaih!
    I`m so behind on your posts darl!
    You ladies are serving some legggggggggzzzzzz!
    A white crisp shirt is an essential in every womans warddrobe.

  2. Thanks doll :-*

  3. You are slaying ladies!Looking extremely gorgeous

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