Month: July 2016

My style

A touch of orange on nudes.

  I really wish I could wear Denims or jogging’s on a daily basis but unfortunately they are ‘not work appropriate.’ Anyway I bought this pair last year and I still can’t believe that I have clothes in my wardrobe that have never been worn before.  For this particular weekend […]

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They say you can never be the same once you have seen the sun /moon shine from the other side. 38000 ft above, 1hr 45minutes, that’s how long it took to land in Ethiopia where problems of going natural, gaining volume and hair growth all together are a thing of […]

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Work Vs Play.

If you are not crazy about suits like me, then  a sleek work wardrobe with a few patterns  might work well for you. Getting the job done on an 8-5 basis is always key in our daily routine, but the moment you clock out and you have other engagements, then […]

My style

Flirtatious Emerald & Crop.

     My color obsession kicked in a few month ago and  I can’t seem to leave anything that screams rich color alone but can you blame me? They are just the best outfits ever  and they make your moments automatically brighter and beautiful. I don’t think this obsession will […]

on the look

Denim days.

  I love blue outfits especially denims and I really wish I could wear denim to work but that’s impossible as my job is an 8-5 one. But this particular post is not about me but about How Jeanette wore this lovely pair of skinny jeans. I like how the […]