Najali #1.

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When Bella first approached me and shared the idea of ladies coming together for a course, I was  super excited and the excitement grew when she shared who was to be part of the campaign.

To start with this are ladies whose work I really admire and to get to work with them would be really amazing. Allow me to confess something, working with ladies can be a bit hectic bearing in mind that we all have different styles and preferences and the major common thing about us, is that we are fashion/ personal style bloggers. Still we managed to blend in  and just work it out. I guess we all saw what Bella saw.

Instasize_0518100254‘Najali,’ a Swahili word means ‘I care.’

Our vision is to have  women supporting each other in the quest to grow both professionally, Mentally and physically.

Our mission is to encourage, inform and inspire through the posts that we will be posting.



Generate productive, educative  and inspirational posts

create an informative platform for discussions and encouragement

Solicit inspirational stories and share them.

Build a network of women in support of each other.

Credits to Bella for being the brains behind this worthy cause and for bringing us together and to these wonderful bloggers who saw the bigger picture.



Many many thanks guys for the response we got last week when we posted our first post and for your support.

We really do look forward to being interactive and sharing much more.

Kindly visit the links below  for  more about the #najalicampignKE.


Love and love.


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  1. Thank you :-).

  2. Great outfits right there. Its great to see you come up together for such a noble cause. Keep it up!

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