Of play suits and colors.


Pictures by Prime Photography

I’m developing a tendency of falling in love with colorful outfits, mainly because I’m on a mission to reflect what I feel inside and I think colors have a better way of doing that.

It took me a while to get out of the basic black, white and grey, and I must admit to loving the results of color blocking. I bet you guys have already noticed how much of a color junkie I have become.

 For starter, I never knew pink and green could go together so well. But then again you can never know anything until you try it. One thing I love about today’s look apart from the comfortability part is that I can wear it to a wedding or a date.

 I was first  attracted to the colour  but kept on telling myself and Becky(owner Beckysville), how I wasn’t planning on buying  but I ended up buying everything that wasn’t on my ‘to buy’ list . Talk about impulse buying :-(.

Play suits are seasonal wardrobe staples that one should have. Speaking of which I’m actually contemplating on keeping this one.

 The colors just speak for themselves and judging from the amazing time I had shooting this outfit, I can now understand  why the name play suits.

Part two of how I rocked this outfit will be up next week, so stay tuned for that. But in the mean time, enjoy the rest of the week.

Lots of love

For this outfit and many others, Visit Beckysville trends at Sirona house next to Cardinal Otunga Plaza.

Tip: Seasonal Shopping ; It is advisable to shop for the hot season during the cold season and vice versa, at this times, most outfits are cheap.

Outfit- Beckysville

Earings- Prydeartz

Stunner – Gifted.







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  1. Looking lovely girl! =)

  2. The color blocking was pure perfection!! Adding the silver heels was a game changer!!

  3. I love the colors,,,beautiful

  4. Awwww. Thank you hun:-*

  5. Thanks dearie.

  6. Amazing how you’ve mixed the colours
    You look amazing and natural. In love with the look.

  7. I never knew pink and green could go together so well either. But after seeing you in this, I’m a little tempted to pull out some bright neon colors too. Lovely outfit.


  8. Wuuuueh.. You are slaying! I love how you mixed the colors.. Too gorge!

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