Styling shorts 1.

Happy new week loves.

So I got this amazing book (War room) from an amazing lady Emerald, which I’m currently addicted to. I’m still in the first pages and putting it down has become a problem. I would recommend it to any man/ woman out there and make sure you have your Bible with you when you start reading it because believe you me, you will need it. I’ll be sure to do a review once I’m done :-), and you guys are welcome in advance :-).

On the Style side of life, hoping you guys had a glimpse of the #amvca2016 red carpet over the weekend.  As usual Sharon (thisisess) did a good job with her outfit. She really slayed but that’s like her second nature if not first.  I really love following her and she never disappoints.

Back to today’s post  and do you guys ever feel like pants and dresses are no match for this hot weather?

Well, this look is the solution. Apart from being very comfortable, It is just perfect for the extreme sunny weather. You can also rock it to a casual date with your main squeeze or ladies meet up or some of those daytime concerts that we love some much e.g. the Koroga fest or blankets and wines.












Pictures by Prime Photography.

Look out for the 2nd part of this post sometime next week and do have a blessed week ahead 🙂


Gladiator Sandals- Mr. Price

Sling bag –  Duka Kwa Boot

Stunners- Ale

Jewelry – H&M

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  1. Times are chnaigng for the better if I can get this online!

  2. Gosh you are so beautiful. Your hair is :*

  3. I totally agree, this is ess always kills it. As for your outfit, nice casual fit, I can see it working for a fun day at the beach or park. I love your sandals and purse and well.

    Princess Audu

  4. i love street shoots and yours looking amazing.
    beautiful post 🙂

  5. Someone gave me the movie (war room) and now I’m so motivated to go watch it so thank you ? Shorts are my new love and I LOVE how you’re rocking them!

  6. Stunning post! The photos are amazing.

  7. this is too cute for life….. i want EVERYTHING

  8. Someone has been kissed by the Sun! I mean the GLOW is real Elle!!!
    Love the way the pics came out

  9. This is such a perfectly chic casual outfit!


  10. Loving this casual chic outfit!


  11. These shorts are amazing and I love how you styled them. Those sandals are giving me so much life!

    • Yes it is :-).

      • Hi Elle, I have been thinking about whether it would be possible to have a group for the Kenyan fashion and style bloggers. I think it would be an awesome platform for learning,meeting new people and mentoring even because the blogging world is certainly not the easiest to navigate. Do you have any ideas of how to make this possible?

  12. Beautiful and fun look. Love the gladiators and stunners.

  13. This is so stunning!And the pictures are on point!
    And the guy on the second pic looks good *wink*

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