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Eyeliners can be very annoying and frustrating to apply. The thought of putting a pencil or a brush really close to your eye while trying to keep a steady hand is all so scary! But hey! A girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do :-).

My personal preference is pencil eye liners as opposed to gel or liquid eyeliners. Despite the all so amazing fact that they stay longer compared to pencil eyeliners, I really just find it a lot of work. I do own one of each but I  rarely use them .

Eye liners are essential in makeup; they can transform your looks from basic to classy. And despite being one of the trickiest products to apply, finding me without an eyeliner is next to impossible.

 I’m not that exploring when it comes to eyeliners. I tend to keep it simple and plain. My two major uses are to enhance my eyes and filling in my brows.

Here are some of my favorites and where you can get them if interested :-).

1. Kiko.

I guess now y’all Know I’m crushing on this product:-).



You can get it at Mac store in Village Market for like  Kshs. 1,000(10$) .



And how I love this one especially for feeling up my brows.

Goes for Kshs. 800($8) and you can get it at the sleek stand in Nakumatt Junction, Village market or Galleria.


4. Kajal.

This one just works wonders.I got this one from Spain but you can always get Kajal eyeliners at Beauty Options in the CBD, and at a very reasonable price.


Thanks for reading loves xxx.

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  1. Sleek has amazing eyeliners and thank you for showcasing others and I can’t wait to try them out!! Great post hun!

  2. This is such a cute post…. I’m however pissed because someone stole my eyeliner….. Like whyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! now i have to get a new piece…. thanks for the store names hun :*

  3. Levina

    Me too I love everything about the eyes from eyeliner, kajal, eye pencil name it they make my eyes pop ‘n I like it.

  4. Haha.. You should see me struggling when applying an eyeliner! I just gave up. It’s actually frustrating when I even think about it. But I’m also not big on eyeliners cos I have hooded eyes. But u always admire how some women can pull that off.. But I just do what works best for me! Q good mascara is very essential in my make up application process..

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