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Bonjour Loves,

 I  got a bit  homesick early this week.  I was having a hard time adapting to a new environment and the worst part was not being able to call or even receive messages. Almost felt stuck in an island but literally I was, somehow.

I’ll be leaving Comoros today and believe me guys I can’t wait to touch down in 254.

Jumpsuits have got to be my ultimate lazy outfit. One thing I love about them is that you only need to think about  your shoes, bag, and maybe accessories when rocking them.

I loved how Emma Stone  went for a sophisticated classy look by wearing a jumpsuit instead of a gown during the 2015 golden globe red carpet. That goes to show that they are not reserved for a specific event or timeJ.

Weather worn with heels or flats, Jumpsuits will always steal the show.

I currently love this latest addition to my closet. Got it from f-reborn and the perfectly tailored Jumpsuit is one of my favorites.

Lots of love xx.

Shoes and Bag – DukaKwaBoot.

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  1. Lovely. Love the look.:-)

  2. The colour is absolutely stunning on your skin tone. Looking lovely. Just got onto the jumpsuit bandwagon myself 🙂

  3. Like your shoes and bag 🙂
    Maria V.

  4. Vibrant colors and beautiful photos ! Very eye-catching outfit. Xoxo

  5. i have fallen in love with your braids. Your pictures will definitely keep me coming back to your blog.

  6. Yaani! I just had to drop by at whatever cost. I love jumpsuits and this one is a win. THe whole look is just perfect. LOve it.

  7. Its good to be away from time to time, but I also understand that feeling of being homesick!
    I am totally in love with anything burgundy and couldn’t miss out on expressing my love for this look
    Great post

  8. Just give me everything darling…….. You are rocking everything in every sense of the word….. Loving how you are evolving with your style…. I am loving the growth…..Keep shining hunny :*

  9. Just discovered your blog. I love this post, the colours complement each other. I will be following it closely

  10. Sorry about you homesick situation, Emma Stone did look in her Lanvin Jumpsuit and the fact that it had a trail was even edgier. Jumpsuits are amazing, they can be edgy, fun, elegant and anything else that you want them to be, hell even Beyonce wore a jumpsuit in the 2013 Grammy awards. You look amazing in your jumpsuit and the bag is a game changer to the outfit.

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