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Hallo loves :-).

It’s been a minute but I do hope y’all are great. Can you guys believe how fast this year is going by? We are almost through with the first quarter of the year and I bet will be in mid year before we know it.







Today’s outfit speaks so much about my goal this year, which is basically stepping out of my comfort zone. I wanted to try out something different with this Ankara fabric and not the normal skater /Maxi skirt/dress. I kind of like how it played out.

Ankara’s always have a way of making our wardrobes colorful and I’ll be sure to do more posts on modern Ankara outfits.

And going with the African theme that is normally associated with Ankara’s, I added some color to my monochrome inspired outfit by wearing some Masai inspired jewelry.

 Happy new Month loves and do have a blessed week.


Outfit – Custom made

Shoes – Same here

Jewelry – Masai Market

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  1. One word-elegant!

  2. Classy and Stunning. Loving the look, great shots too.

  3. aaaaw Elle
    You are just a breathe of fresh air! I’m always drawn to your simple yet classy outfits! And the maasai accessories look so cute on you!
    Did you relax your hair?
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead! Let it be as beautiful as you are doll

  4. You too hun and thank you.

  5. i dont know much about fabric but i can tell you really beautiful jewelry pieces you have there 🙂
    happy new month

  6. Sooooooooooo pretty hunny…. Loving where your style transition is headed….. the print is so cute and elegant !!!! YES!!!

  7. I know. Right? Thanks hun 🙂

  8. I so love this look..slaying as always
    And the first pic is beautiful!

  9. The year is truly moving fast dear. This fabric not even look like an Ankara material, it looks so cool with a lot of edge. Am a huge fan of coordinates and you slayed this look darling! You are such a vision. Have a lovely week ahead!

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