Lust List II-Obsessions.

The past few weeks have been crazy for me in terms of work. Talk about so much to do in so little time.

I cant wait to have one of those lazy weeks where I catch up with myself :-). But as we wait for the lazy week, one thing that always raises ‘my sugars’ whenever I’m down is shopping. But lately I have been trying to find something else to lift my spirits that’s why I have this monthly lust list segment where I get to share my current loves, obsessions and wants .If you missed the last one, You can read it here.

 I have been obsessing about everything art inspired for the longest time ever and  to top it all, I have this love for interior design that I can’t explain. Spending some time with a pal,  Aila (featured here)  seemed to have ignited that love.

We had some sought of meeting/ catching up on Saturday and she made sure I was updated with some interior stuff that y’all need to see. Remember you can get all this plus some marvelous gifts for your loved ones from Wishes shop, located above the food court at  the Village Market.








So apart from some the above, I have wanted to share my KIKO experience for like forever. I discovered KIKO while in Europe and its one of those products that I just can’t get over. I’ll be doing a post on them soon and hopefully, I will share where they can be purchased in Kenya.

Currently,all things KIKO are a favorite, and nail polish is no exception. Apart from the color diversity, the fact that they really dry up fast is a win win for me. They have also played a big role in making my nails strong together with Flamour and Luron nail polish.


Sometime last year , I was hooked into acrylics and gel nail polish. To tell you the truth guys I’m so lazy when it comes to doing my nails every fortnight, reasons why I always opted for the two options and simply forget about nails for the next one month. This was until my nails started breaking every now and then.


It’s been two months now since I last had acrylics and my nails have really improved :-).

As usual if you have any recommendations for any art inspired stuff and nails do share :-).

Happy new week loves xxx.

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  1. Amazing selection you have there.Can’t get enough of the tropical blue by flomar 🙂

  2. Kiko is a shop that I go to every time to get lip liners and nail polish and the have a large variety of thing something that is great for women of colour, from Luron I can remember the compressed powder so well it was great used it even during high school, The decorations look great as well dear.
    great post and enjoy your evening

  3. They are indeed a trend hun :-).

  4. Love the Mug; my sister is left handed can’t wait to get her one of those ;)Thank you for sharing.
    I thought i was the only one who had a not soo cute experience with acrylics nails and gel polish!! i’m on break from the two ,my nails have really become brittle 🙁

    • You are Welcome. Guess we are learning the hard way when it comes to nails. Do share some nail remedy routine as soon as they are back to normal. I would love to feature them here. Many thanks Cynthia :-).

  5. Oh goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think i just lost myself in everything….. were you by any chance picking those for me? I am just obsessed jeez….. you have an amazing taste hunny…..Just Amazing :*

  6. You are truly obsessing on a lot of things dear. I am however with you on the nail polish bandwagon especially the grey and blue color from Flormar, I am obsessed with those colors especially because they are a 2016 trend!

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