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Picture by Prime photography.

Greeting from Comoros loves.

What a way to kick start my Valentine than in an Island with lots of beaches or not. I traveled to Comoros on Sunday for some work related meetings hoping to be done by 1 p.m on Monday so as to catch the last flight home but that was not to be. So we are just here enjoying the very humid Island weather and loving the ocean breeze.

After this, I don’t think I’ll be needing a vacation anytime soon.

One thing I should warn you guys about is to be careful when  asking  God for something be specific with what you want because believe me at times He comes through in a very big way. I asked for a beach on a not so busy weekend and I got an Island and a three day vacation.

Yes, that’s how marvelous my God is :-).

Back to today’s post. If you follow me on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), you definitely know that this month I’ll be celebrating my blogversary; 16th of February to be precise, proudlyelled will be 1. Yeiy!

Very excited I must say and the fact that I’m writing this post from Comoros only goes to show that greater thing are in store for us.

I remember doing my undergraduate in communication and this lecturer actually made each one of us open a blog. Back then it was just another assignment and the minute we were done with that unit, I sought of never paid attention to it or maybe it was me trying to find my footing in all this. Years later and look where I’m. Passionate about this little space where I get to share my life.

I’m not a full time blogger and many are the time people have asked me where I get the time from. The answer is simple, if you love something you will create time for it. I’m  grateful that my work tries to put blogging into consideration by allowing me to travel to these beautiful places that I fall in love with.

Speaking of love, Happy Valentines to you all in advance and remember it’s not for lovers only but everyone else that you love be it your family or friends.

 We bloggers (female) have a tendency of making the men in our lives participate in our ventures. But mine does and exceptionally good job and I really can’t complain. Hoping to do a post on him soon, if he agrees :-).

 I can never say enough thank you to you my readers. You have been more than supportive. Thank you for your response and for the love you have shown me. I do not take it for granted. I have lasted this long thanks to you.

To my fellow bloggers, not a single day passes without me marveling at how creative and wonderful you guys are. You challenge me to better my act and always seem to raise the bar high.

To my family, friends you guys are just the best and this is just the beginning.

Finally all the thanks and praises to GOD, where will I be without His Grace and Mercy.

So here is to another year loves.

Lots of Kisses XXX.

Jewelry – H&M

Dress – F- Reborn

Shoes – DukaKwaBoot.

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  1. April Basi

    girl you look stunning

  2. The dress looks absolutely lovely on you!!! Happy blogversary.

  3. Beautiful Hunny, just beautiful…. You truly deserve the best….. Happy Blogverssary to you.. Hugs XX

  4. Your dress..ukichoka nayo am a phone call away.. *wink*
    Looking gorge!
    Happy Anniversary to your blog..
    Cheers to many more years of

  5. So beautifully said Elle! I’m more than happy to see how you have evolved into a beautiful lady! We thank God for every single thing he has done and still continues to do. Happy blog anniversary to you in advance my dear Elle! And this photos are so breathtaking!! I loveeeee…

  6. Girl!!!!! I want your job, I want to travel the world without my family!!! Happy blogversary in advance hun, I wish you nothing but better things for your blog. That dress is such a winner and the shoes are true show stoppers!! You are a true vision!

  7. You look so lovely, plus the petals concept amaizing Elle. Xx

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