Lust list 1.

Hallo everyone. Hoping your loving January so far.

 So this post is about a series on my blog that I’m relaunching.

 I’m not calling myself a shopaholic but I’m definitely addicted to some items, especially shoes and let’s not forget my newly found love for makeup. As a style blogger and a woman at times we cannot help but just buy stuff and most times if not all times I find myself searching for new items that I can share.

So this segment will be all about my Lust lists and guilty pleasures .I also do hope that you are inspired in a way.

I’ll be sure to leave the addresses of where I get most if not all of the items in my posts.

For the items crossed through,  I have  managed to get.

 So here is my first lust list;

1.Nakshi Nouba Millebaci 46.

This is one of those that have always been on my to get list but somehow I never seemed to. I have to admit that I actually got inspired by thisisess. The reviews she did on this product…whoop I had to buy it and when I did one couldn’t be enough so I bought two. I totally agree with anyone who has used this product..It’s amazing and so timeless. So yes yes for Nouba.


Nouba Millebaci 46

2.Zara Gladiator flat laces up Sandals in tan.

I have been crying for this for the longest time possible and My sister just got the right birthday gift 🙂


Zara gladiator lace ups.

3.Maasai inspired accessories.

I still have no Idea why I don’t own this but I’m definitely working on that.





So one of my goals this year is to keep fit. So sneakers have to be my most craved shoes right this minute.


Kindly do note that some of this images are not mine.

Many thanks for reading loves and do enjoy the rest of this month.


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  1. Lawwwd!
    Those gladiators are everything, say what!!!
    I have been eyeing that lipstic from noubia…they have the prettiest shades ever and to top it all out, they dry matt! Awesome…
    Love this kind of posts…

  2. Am loving your wish list especially the Zara gladiators and the sneakers. Kudos to your sister!!

  3. Happy New Year dear. A good segment you’ve started, I’m lusting for the Zara Gladiators and saving up for them. All the best in getting your items.
    estilistagraciemj.wordpress. com

  4. Keeping fit is a great goal and wish you success with that. Greetings!

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