Going Blue.







photography by Prime photography

2nd week of January and I’m still not over the fact that I recently turned 26.I must say many many thanks to you guys for the best wishes. This year I was spoilt for choice when it came to gifts, still receiving some and enjoying every bit of it :-).

One thing I love about blue as color is the fact that it exhibits an inner security and confidence which are my major focus this year. Taking control and doing the right thing in difficult times.

And not forgetting the need for order and direction but at the same time being peace and tranquility above everything else :-*.

Hoping your loving this week.


Dress -somewhere along the streets of Madrid

shoes  – same here

stunners – same here

Earings – Pride artz

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  1. beautiful post, those earrings are Stunning 🙂


    • I know. I got it last year and I was so unsure of how it will look on me but I finally gained the courage to wear it.Thanks dear:-).

  2. Looking pretty girl. I love the hair especially =)

  3. Thanks dearie :-*.

  4. I understand why blue is one of your favorite colors….looks good on you in all shades. Great work with the photography, the pictures are all too cute and radiant.
    So happy for you on turning 26, glad you had a blast and still are. I remember a time I couldn’t wait to be 18, then it was 21 and now with every birthday that passes by I wish the clock would stop ticking so fast…..there is so much to be accountable for as you grow older.

    Have a great week hun.


  5. Happy New Year Elle!Love love love the new blog layout! Looks so classy and clean. Job well done! I am actually inspired now to jazz things up on my side haha!
    You mean u just turned 26? You look way younger than that my dear…. and i always love your sophisticated styles that you always share with us here! Wishing you nothing but the best this year!

    • Thanks hun. Lol you should meet me, I could actually go back to upper primary and get away with it. Thanks dear and thanks for your support. I sure do learn a lot from your posts :-).

  6. You are definitely blued over and you look absolutely stunning!! With new age comes wisdom and responsibilities. Success in your new age!

  7. I love the color of that dress! You look amazing!!


  8. Beautiful dress and thoughts. Happy belated bday again, Elle!

  9. Wow! I’m in love with your dress perfect on you
    I really like your blog
    Visit mine if you want

  10. Looking good dear,,the first picture is so beautiful!


  11. Oh hunny you look absolutely stunning a poised…. I Love the new look to your blog and I wish you nothing but the very best this year and more to come. You are truly a beautiful soul…. Keep shinning mamy :*

  12. Love love the blue and happy belated birthday

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