Flared Bottoms.










Pictures by Prime Photography.

It’s no Secret that I’m no ordinary she, when it comes to fashion and Style. I love experimenting with different outfits though at times I tend to be cautious  with certain outfits.

I believe fashion is what you buy, but style is how you wear it. Speaking of things one buys, who doesn’t like good thrifts?

At times it’s frightening, when you think about going through piles of clothes just to get that one outfit, but it’s always worth the effort :-).

I  had no Idea what to pair this skirt with when I bought and  was quite positive on  figuring something out by the time I decide to rock it. So here it is guys :-), and if you have any suggestions on different ways of rocking pep skirts kindly do share.

Outfit- Thrifted

Shoes – Primark

Earings & Ring- Dubois Rd,

Watch – Gifted

Lovely week lovelies :-).

Lots of love.XXX.

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  1. Elle you always bring out what others have failed. Awesome.

  2. Oooooh the skirt is really beautiful. And lovely photos too dear. You look so cute!

  3. Love the outfit..lots of treasure in thrifing

  4. Elle Hunny!!!!
    I`m just here drooling over that skirt yaniii!
    If i was living close to you, i would have taken it home with me doll! Your braids are looking so cute though!! Awesome has to be how i feel right now about this post!
    Cant wait for more…

  5. Take me thrifting with you next time, you really have an eye for good things. I love how you styled the skirt with the simple turtle neck top to give balance to the outfit. The primark lace heels are totally a show stopper!! Great post Elle!

  6. I never knew this skirts could look this good,,you wore it well.


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