Concealer tips.


 Having to do my make up during photo shoot’s has gone a long way in  making me have a keen interest in make up and make up products.

Nowadays I’m a YouTube junkie, downloading all sorts of videos on how to do  makeup and product awareness.

Here are  some concealer tips that I have learnt in the few months I have been doing my makeup.

Like the name suggests, a concealer simply conceals/ hides what you don’t want to be seen .It can be to tidy up your brows, cover spots, cover up blemishes, minimize under- eye circles and discoloration or simply brighten up your face.

 If like me, you have darker areas to cover then a concealer is just the one thing you got to have.

Dark circles and my birthmark are the two things that have made me embrace concealers. I normally apply my foundation first to see how much of the dark circles  the foundation can cover on its own then use the concealer.  To set everything in place I a translucent powder this also camouflages with my skin tone.

As opposed to a foundation which we normally want match the skin, One thing I have learned the hard way is a concealer should be lighter so as to help give a lifting effect.

For those of you who have actually seen me face to face, you have noticed my  not so big birth mark on the left side of my forehead which is normally not seen in my photos thanks to the concealer.

I’m currently using  tan Milani Concealer and I’m loving the nice matte finish that it gives me.  I recently tried it on it’s own without a foundation to achieve a more natural look.




Kindly do share if you use concealers and how it’s working for you. You can also recommend one that you think I should try.

Lots of love XX.

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  1. My best cocealor has to be the prolong wear concealor in Nw45 and Nw50, hands down Elle! They are so creamy and do an awesome job! And yessss to Youtube! I have learnt so much from Youtube, it`s not even a joke… Lovely post doll..

  2. Your make up is always great and sure concealer is a must have. I also learnt a lot through youtube and am proud to say am also getting somewhere when it comes to make up ha! I thank youtube for these .
    Lovely photos

  3. Cute earrings 🙂
    Maria V.

  4. Good job hun….. To be honest, I’ve never used a concealer before, My Black Opal stick foundation has been doing the job quite ok and I tend to apply more patches on the areas I’d like to conceal then blend everything out, but I am looking forward to try out a concealer and see which one works better. I wouldn’t have figured you have a birth mark on your face, clearly this is serving you right. Keep at it :*

  5. You sure do dear. Thanks :-).

  6. Can we trade skins? Got quite a sensitive one.

  7. I have learned so much from this post, I did not know that a concealer should be lighter. I think I need me a lot of concealers because my skin ain’t pretty at all!! Thank you for sharing and you look so beautiful,I want your skin for real!!!

  8. Awesome tips right there.. Looks like I need to up my make up game..

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