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Buenos Dias Dearies.

I still can’t believe that 2015 is over can you? But I’m so excited it is and the thought of a new year, new expectations, goals, opportunities is beyond amazing.

To tell you the truth. This year had its own share of ups and downs. From one of the most horrible experience in my life; me and Grace being caught up in a shoot out to one of my best travel yet; my time in Spain.

So much happened this year, some of which I hope to forget and some, I choose to carry not only to the next year but for the rest of my life. All this time I can tell you one thing, God is faithful and He continues to be faithful.

Now, I’m not one to do New Year resolution because I totally sack at following them through to the end of the year but 2016 has something to it. I’m actually motivated to pick up old habits that I had pushed aside which I’ll be sharing with you and also pick up new ones. Talk about a fresh start on a very clean plate :D.

I have so much planned for 2016, so much to share with you guys and before I say adios to 2015 allow me to express my gratitude to you guys. All through the year you have been very supportive in this little space of ours. Thanks for taking time to pass by, comment, like, share and sending me emails. I really do appreciate you guys a whole lot.

On today’s outfit, because black graces all occasions :). Got this dress from Beckysville and what really caught my eye was the embellished bit. One thing I always love about thrift clothes is their uniqueness and this little number reminded me of that love 😉 .

So HAPPY HAPPY 2016, wishing you all the very best in this coming year and May you be abundantly blessed.

One more thing though, if you happen to be in Nairobi lets hook up on 31st December for Adawnage’ 2nd Album lunch at ICC West Mombasa road. In the meantime stay safe ;).

Love and love xxx.

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  1. Hey Elle, where did you get your stunners and hair accessories? Please advise cz you look stunning elegant and stylish

  2. You are even speaking spanish Seniorita!! You trully look embellished in fabulousity in this outfit!! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas!

  3. Love the lighting, you caught the sun sent hour just right! All black is so nice on you too ☺

  4. Thanks so much dear and I cant wait for you to get back to blogging. Hope you are well though.

  5. Happy birthday and happy new year to you dear


  6. Sorry for the ordeal with Grace,but then again Spain happened 🙂 ..don’t i love this dress..classy

  7. You look so sweet! Adorable outfit!

  8. Am humbled to know you hun…you are a Beautiful woman inside and out….

  9. Pole hun on the shoot out…..i can’t imagine what that was like. On the bright side though, Spain definitely made things better.

    Loving the dress, it has quite the touch of elegance….perfect to bid the year that has been goodbye.

    Happy 2016, may it come with more happiness, joy and blessings.


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