Behind the Palace walls.

On my last day in Spain, Ana was kind enough to take me to the Palace, which is one of the major tourist attractions in Spain. I guess some of you already know that Spain is a monarchy, or not. So, yes, Spain is a monarchy, and just like England they have a Prime Minister who acts like the President.

The Palacio Real de Madrid also known as the Royal Palace of Madrid happens to be the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family in Madrid. However, it is only used for state ceremonies as the King and the Royal Family do not reside in the palace, choosing instead a more modest palace on the outskirts of Madrid.

The palace is owned by the Spanish State and the only thing I can say about it is that it’s BEAUTIFUL, and very big of course. After paying a few Euros we were allowed in. Walking through the different rooms and just looking at the art and interior decoration of the palace is an amazing experience and it was quite disappointing that one is not allowed to take pictures at some points. As we walked around, I couldn’t help but think of movies/series such as Marie Antoinette and Reign which give us a brief description of what palace life is like.

Adjacent to the main entrance there is the Almudena Cathedral which was named after Almudena, the female patron

One thing about Madrid is that it has numerous attraction sites with statues on almost every building. A week wouldn’t even be enough to capture the beauty of Spain, and neither are words enough to talk about it. But I do hope these pictures give you a glimpse of it.

Pictures by Ana

Top and Pant – Oldies from Mr. Price

Waterfall – ZARA

Shoes – friend (Stesh) Sells some really cool thrift boots.

Bag- Pimark

Shades – Ale














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  1. Pictures perfect!!!!

  2. I love discovering places trough the pictures of bloggers (for the rest of us who don’t the budget to travel the world yet). Indeed the palace is captivating by its beauty. I can only imagine I it feels to grow up in such a place.

  3. I love the photos,they are amazing…This is a great post

  4. Beautiful pictures and you too look the part πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for the information dear, I have learned so much that I didn’t know about Spain especially that is it is a Monarchy!! On to your outfit, Santa Maria!!! You look absolutely gorgeous from head to toe!

  6. Thanks so much hun.

  7. Great tour. The palace looks beautiful πŸ™‚
    XoXo Noma

  8. Spain is such a gorgeous country. Looks breathtaking!

  9. Wow!!!I am so wishing I were you.What a beautiful place.I love the pictures,so amazing

  10. sooooooooooooooooo cute hunny…. I’m so jealous seeing you having such a relaxing and enlightening time….. i cannot wait for my holiday to get here already….. the ensemble came together so well, you look so classy and stylish…. totally love it :*

  11. The place is breathtaking! And you look amazing ?

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