October love.


Happy new month loves πŸ™‚







2015-10-01-11-40-29-992Photos by Justo

Am I still the only one who’s trying to come to terms with how fast this year has moved? In like a month’s time some of us will be planning to buy Christmas gifts, that’s if we haven’t started already. Quick tip though, avoid last minute shopping and start as early as possible.

In a few months I’ll be celebrating my blogversary. YEIY! So, on that note let me just express my gratitude to you guys for taking your time to visit and comment on my blog. You are simply amazing. A lot more is coming so keep it here.

So lately I have been all about exploring colors with my outfits. That’s one thing I have embraced from running this platform and as I said it earlier apart from loving it I’m learning a lot.

Now to the main course of this meal-post…what I’m wearing. A custom made skirt, same one worn here, shoes from Labelle πŸ™‚ and a gifted top. Jewelry from Dubois Road. Stunners from Village Market.

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  1. Emily Warinda

    Oh gosh this is all sorts of cuteness….. You hunny are such a cutie its insane…. Love the pairing and the colors blended soooooooooo well…. Hugs dearie XX


    • Elle Okumu

      Thanks dear and so are you… I almost started drawing maps with my feet lol…Many thanks ..Hugs.

  2. Milly Onyaye

    I told you if I get a daughter, I might probably use your name… So dang unique hun!!! And guess what??
    So is that beautiful smile of yours…. That’s definitely the prettiest curve that you can ever flaunt! So don’t let anyone rob it away from you dear!!!
    That custom made skirt is literally everything!!!
    I wouldn’t mind having it in every color…

  3. You have a beautiful smile Elle, the year has moved so fast, it’s like life is flashing before my eyes. I love the whole ensemble especially the accessories. Great post and I can’t wait to see your blogversary post. Always a pleasure to pass by.

    • Elle Okumu

      Awww thanks hun.You are too kind.. Lol me too, i might just be giving away many things lol..Thanks dear

  4. October love it seems.


  5. Indeed the year has flown by. I feel it too.

    Creative colourful ensemble as usual, Elle. You look lovely!

  6. Looking so pretty dear..the outfit is on point..love!love!love!


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