Classic fur.










Photo by Justo

I got this dress from Becksville a while back with hopes of wearing it to a wedding, only to change my mind a day to the wedding. Either way, I had to wear it somewhere. So I recently wore it to another wedding and added a bit of “edginess’ to it by throwing in some fur as an accessory.

Since this month I’m more or less obsessed with Military/Army green, doing a post on it wasn’t debatable. Initially the shoot was supposed to be an outdoor one but Justo insisted on it being indoor. I’m actually glad we went with his preference after arguing for a while because it helped to bring out some sort of classic vintage look, and looking at the pictures, it’s exactly what I wanted.

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Love and Love

Shoes – Here

Fur – Here

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  1. That is awesome! Great for date night and I bet your man almost fainted when he saw you. I’ve been seeing a lot of furs entering fashion over here recently btw.

  2. The styling here is totally in point – the fur just elevates the look. Great post!

  3. so classy dear,
    beautiful post.
    have a lovely week

  4. Grace Dhliwayo

    Elegant from head to toe!

  5. Emily Warinda

    soooooooooooooooooo gorgeous hunny…….. this is so sassy :* :*

  6. Mojintouch

    It is a beautiful dress and you wore it well.

  7. Milly Onyaye

    One of your bests shoot to date! Just when you think something won’t turn out right, then the exact opposite happens..
    I have heard one of those days as well and trying out new things is also a good idea..
    Good job hun

  8. Love how the fur has complimented this look,the location is dope

  9. You look breathe taking hun, the dress, the fur and the shoes and can we talk about the shoot location? Am in love with this post, period!

  10. Always glamorous! 🙂

    Looking gorgeous in that dress and those heels! 🙂

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  11. Soila le Kariuqie

    The colour of your dress is so hot and the fur just adds the needed spice.I love

  12. You are looking so pretty..I love the outfit..Its a win for me

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